Network Infrastructure

Cignal Secure provides the complete solution in the following areas: assessment, planning, network design, implementation, hardware and software, integration, network roll-out, cost effective and cost saving solutions, network and user related support, managed network solutions.


Cignal Secure has a diverse team of Technical Consultants and Engineers that focus on upholding high standards and exceeding expectations. With the understanding of how critical all problems are to your business, we have a strong emphasis on: response time, minimizing downtime, quality of product, after sales service. We also provide support to our clients with technical assistance in the following areas: end-user support, network support, server support, network monitoring. We have a range of technical services that will deliver on all your IT needs.

IT Outsourcing

Key Benefits of Outsourcing: cost savings, skill & knowledge, Service Level Agreements (SLA) and improved quality. If there is a level of network support that you require, Cignal Secure can customize our support offerings based on your specific business requirements

Internet Connectivity

The challenges for every business is selecting the most suitable connectivity solution that best meets your business needs, in terms of performance, pricing, redundancy and stability. Our highly skilled specialists will gladly provide you with the correct internet solution. Cignal Secure offers (Not limited to): fibre, MPLS solutions, diginet, ADSL solutions, wireless and web hosting.

Infrastructure Solutions

Non-chargable site audit, solution, plan, design and implementation.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure way to connect from a remote location to your company’s network. Example, a sales rep can log onto your network to view your latest pricelist whilst at a client. A VPN creates a secure tunnel, encrypts data and only allows authenticated users to access the data and network. VPN’s are also used to connect different branches together. Benefits of a VPN: cost saving, work from a remote location, access documents and emails securely

Disaster Recovery

Cignal Secure holds a strong emphasis on Disaster Recover. Data is critical to all organisations. We provide a comprehensive range of Data Recovery Solutions: RAID, Tape Backups, Network Access Storage (NAT), Storage Access Networks (SAN’s) and Site Replication

Network Security

We deliver complete security products that cover a broad range of protection: email security, firewalls, web filtering, anti-virus, anti spam, data leak, prevention, application control, phishing and intrusion detection.